Changing Laravel default email field of LoginController

Laravel makes implementing authentication very simple. Almost everything is configured out of the box. Just run below commands in  a fresh Laravel application php artisan make:auth php artisan migrate These two commands will take care of entire authentication system! Login, registration, remember...

Useful Laravel Resources

A curated list of awesome bookmarks, packages, tutorials, videos and other cool resources from the Laravel ecosystem. From: chiraggude/awesome-laravel Table of Contents Essentials Code Snippets Packages Popular Packages Development Setup Application Hosting Application Deployment Articles...

Laravel permission denied or 500 internal error

Directories within the storage and the bootstrap/cachedirectories should be writable by your web server or Laravel will not run and throw permission error. Sometimes this also creates 500 internal error. Try this php artisan cache:clear sudo chmod -R 777 storage sudo chmod -R 777 bootstrap/cache...


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